Objectives of the SSA Project BIOPOL:

A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, power, materials and/or chemicals from biomass. By producing multiple products, a biorefinery can take advantage of the differences in biomass components and intermediates and maximize the value derived from the biomass feedstock.

The overall goal of BIOPOL is to assess the status (technical, social, environmental, political, and implementation) of innovative BIOrefinery concepts and the implications for agricultural and forestry POLicy. Biorefinery concepts are aimed at relevant market-competitive and environmental-friendly synthesis of bio-products - chemicals and/or materials - together with the production of secondary energy carriers - transportation fuels, power and/or CHP. BIOPOL will result in a scenario grounded assessment of sustainable solutions that impact several European key industries, and will generate valuable knowledge to fill in part of the research agenda of the recent Biomass Action Plan of the European Commission.


Public Deliverables

Workshop BioreFuture 2009

Workshop BioreFuture 2008


- Wageningen UR - Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group
- Research Institute Biopos e.V.
- Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
- Lund University
- Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy
- Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)
- University of Applied Sciences of Weihenstephan
- Institute of Communication and Computer systems

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Dr Ir E. Annevelink


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