IEA Bioenergy Task 42

The Biorefineries Task 42 is a new and very broad biomass-related field with a very large application potential. To open up the biorefinery-related potential, international system and technology development together with industry is a necessity. Joint international priorities and RD&D-programmes between industry, research institutes, universities, governmental bodies and NGOs are necessary; whereas identification of market introduction strategies together with industry will be inevitably for the creation of a proper RD&D-framework.

In contrast to most of the other IEA Bioenergy Tasks, the proposed Biorefineries Task will cover 1) a variety of market sectors (a.o. transport sector, chemical sector, power sector, agricultural sector) with a lot of interested stakeholders, and 2) a variety of biomass conversion technologies and, more important, integrated concepts of both (bio)chemical and thermochemical conversion technologies. Concerned integrated biorefinery concepts convert a variety of feedstocks, including residues, into a portfolio of products with improved energetic chain efficiency, economy and environmental effects, compared to stand-alone processes often producing only one or two products.